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Tokyo Max

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Product Description

Introducing Tokyo Max, our highest caffeinated specialty blend that promises more than just a kickstart to your day. This unique blend is a fusion of premium Robusta beans from the picturesque landscapes of Tanzania and India, meticulously handpicked to give you the ultimate coffee experience. Darkly roasted to perfection, Tokyo Max delivers a robust and intensely rich flavor profile, satisfying the palate of even the most discerning coffee lovers. Every sip reveals notes of deep cocoa and toasted nuts, with a well-rounded finish that lingers. Tokyo Max isn't just your morning jumpstart or afternoon pick-me-up; it's a sustainable coffee choice that fuels our mission to transform lives and communities.

Product Story

In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, a city that never sleeps, the concept of Tokyo Max was born. We imagined a blend that could not only match the relentless energy and vibrant spirit of this city but also symbolize our ceaseless dedication to fighting homelessness and addiction. Tokyo, a city synonymous with pushing boundaries, inspired us to create a coffee that goes beyond the conventional - a blend with maximum caffeine to fuel your day and maximum impact to fuel our mission.

Each bean in the Tokyo Max blend carries with it the vibrancy and resilience of the cities they hail from. The Robusta beans from Tanzania bring forth a sense of community akin to the Tanzanian spirit, a trait that aligns deeply with our commitment to building strong networks of support. The Indian Robusta beans are an ode to the country's rich tradition of education, a tenet we are dedicated to upholding. Together, these beans do more than simply create a delicious coffee; they're a symbol of our efforts to connect coffee enthusiasts to our cause and to serve as a potent reminder that every cup of coffee you enjoy contributes to a grander mission.

Product Details

Certification/Grading: Natural
Roast: Dark
Region: Tanzania and India

Mission Statement

As you savor each inviting sip of our Tokyo Max Blend, not only are you supporting sustainable farming practices but also making a palpable difference. Each purchase channels a significant portion of the proceeds towards backing non-profit organizations that tirelessly combat addiction and homelessness, transforming every cup into a vessel of hope and an agent for profound societal transformation.

12 ounce bag of our Tokyo Max High Caffeine Whole Bean Specialty Blend Coffee sourced from Tanzania and India

Tokyo Max

$18.99 USD

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