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Tanzanian Breeze

$18.99 USD

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Product Description

Introducing our single-origin Tanzanian Breeze, a specialty coffee that takes you on a journey to the rich terrains of the Mbeya region in Tanzania. Our medium-light roast, sourced from small cooperative farmers, combines the unique characteristics of the Bourbon and Kent varieties, cultivated at altitudes of 1200 to 1900 meters. The coffee grows in clay mineral-rich soils, contributing to its exclusive taste. Carefully handpicked and fully washed, our Tanzanian Breeze beans are dried on raised beds to ensure a clean, vibrant cup, allowing optimal flavor development. It offers a captivating flavor profile of pear, floral tones, and jasmine with delightful hints of strawberry. Every sip of Tanzanian Breeze is a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship of smallholder farmers and an invitation to savor the rich heritage of Tanzanian coffee.

Product Story

The Tanzanian Breeze tells a tale of hope, resilience, and transformative change. The name is a tribute to the refreshing and revitalizing winds that sweep across the picturesque landscapes of Tanzania's Mbeya region. It symbolizes the fresh start, the new beginning we dream for those battling homelessness and addiction. Just as these winds breathe life into the lush coffee plantations, we hope to instill life and hope in the hearts of those we are committed to helping.

The Tanzanian Breeze is more than just a cup of coffee; it is a call to action, an invitation to partake in our mission. The journey of this coffee, from the hands of the dedicated farmers to your morning cup, mirrors our vision of societal transformation - a shift from hardship to hope, despair to dreams, and struggle to success. Every bean of the Tanzanian Breeze echoes the commitment to our cause and the resilience of the communities we support.

Our hope is that the Tanzanian Breeze offers not just an extraordinary coffee experience but also serves as a reminder of the impact that each of us can make. It echoes our belief that everyone, irrespective of their circumstances, has the right to a better future, just as each coffee bean, regardless of its origin, has the right to be part of an extraordinary brew.

Product Details

Certification/Grading: AB
Roast: Medium-light
Tasting Profile: Pear, floral, jasmine, strawberry.
Grower: Small cooperative farmers in the Mbeya area
Variety: Bourbon & Kent
Region: Mbeya Region of Tanzania
Altitude: 1200-1900 M
Soil Type: Clay Minerals
Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds

Mission Statement

As you savor each inviting sip of our Tanzanian Breeze Single Origin Roast, not only are you supporting sustainable farming practices but also making a palpable difference. Each purchase channels a significant portion of the proceeds towards backing non-profit organizations that tirelessly combat addiction and homelessness, transforming every cup into a vessel of hope and an agent for profound societal transformation.

12 ounce bag of Tanzanian Breeze Whole Bean Coffee

Tanzanian Breeze

$18.99 USD

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