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Honduran Symphony

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Product Description

Indulge in the ethereal melody of flavors with our Honduran Symphony. Sourced from the high-altitude regions of Marcala, La Paz in Honduras, this single-origin coffee sings with notes of caramel, spice, and brown sugar. Harvested by the dedicated growers of Cafe Organics Marcala, this blend features a symphony of varieties, including Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, and Typica. Crafted under ideal conditions, these sun-dried coffee beans are grown in clay mineral-rich soil, resonating with the richness of the Honduran terrain. Our medium-dark roast intensifies the exquisite qualities of this coffee, offering a vibrant and clean cup that elevates your coffee experience. With every sip of Honduran Symphony, you don't just taste coffee; you taste the passion and dedication that has gone into creating this harmonious blend.

Product Story

From the heart of the coffee-growing region of Honduras emerges a tale as rich as the brew it produces. Our Honduran Symphony, a blend born of the resilient spirit of its origin, mirrors the harmonious melodies that echo through the mountainous landscapes of Marcala. Much like a symphony orchestra, this blend is the result of numerous elements coming together, each contributing their unique notes to the final piece.

The name 'Honduran Symphony' was inspired by the resilient spirit of Marcala's coffee growers, who, against all odds, produce some of the finest coffee beans in the world. Their strength and dedication remind us of the grit needed to face challenges such as homelessness and addiction, issues that Urban Fountain Coffee is dedicated to fighting. With every note of caramel, spice, and brown sugar that dances on your palate, you are not merely enjoying a cup of coffee; you're joining a concert of change.

Similar to the myriad instruments in a symphony orchestra, our Honduran Symphony brings together different elements – the soil, the climate, the growers, and you, the coffee lover – each playing a crucial role in creating this magical brew. This coffee blend is our homage to the harmonious spirit of Honduras, and a testament to our commitment to create a world of equality, where everyone has a place, and everyone has a part to play. So, when you enjoy a cup of Honduran Symphony, remember: you're making more than just coffee. You're making a difference.

Product Details

Certification/Grading: SHG/EP/Org
Roast: Medium-dark
Tasting Profile: Caramel, spice, brown sugar.
Grower: 1500 grower/members from Cafe Organics Marcala
Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, & Typica
Region: Marcala, La Paz, Honduras
Altitude: 1300-1700 M
Soil Type: Clay Minerals
Process: Fully washed and sun dried.

Mission Statement

As you savor each inviting sip of our Honduran Symphony Single Origin Roast, not only are you supporting sustainable farming practices but also making a palpable difference. Each purchase channels a significant portion of the proceeds towards backing non-profit organizations that tirelessly combat addiction and homelessness, transforming every cup into a vessel of hope and an agent for profound societal transformation.

12 ounce bag of Honduran Symphony Single Origin Specialty Whole Bean Coffee from Honduras

Honduran Symphony

$18.99 USD

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