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Costa Rican Eclipse

$18.99 USD

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Product Description

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our Costa Rican Eclipse Medium Roast Coffee, carefully crafted from ethically sourced beans grown in the enchanting region of Alajuela, Costa Rica. This single origin coffee is a testament to the dedication and expertise of local farmers, who cultivate Caturra and Catuai coffee varieties amidst the fertile volcanic loam soil. With every sip, you'll be captivated by the harmonious blend of sweet apples, luscious raisins, and a touch of delicate honey. Our sustainable eco-pulping process and meticulous sun-drying methods amplify the distinct flavors and ensure superior quality. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Costa Rican coffee with this medium roast that transports you to the idyllic landscapes of Alajuela.

Product Story

Legend has it that in the heart of Alajuela, Costa Rica, an enchanting eclipse painted the sky with vivid hues of gold and crimson. The people of this vibrant region witnessed this celestial spectacle with awe and wonder, embracing the beauty of nature's breathtaking display. It was during this momentous event that our Costa Rican Eclipse coffee earned its name.

In the spirit of our mission, we seek to infuse every bean with a story that resonates with our commitment to combating homelessness and addiction. Alajuela, with its rich coffee heritage and warm community spirit, embodies the values we hold dear. The city has long been a hub of resilience, where individuals support one another, just as the local farmers nurture their coffee crops.

Costa Rican Eclipse is more than a name; it symbolizes the power of transformation and hope. Like the celestial event that brings light to the darkness, our coffee aims to illuminate the lives of those facing adversity. With each sip, you become part of this narrative, embracing the spirit of unity and compassion that defines our cause.

Product Details

Certification/Grading: SHB/EP
Roast: Medium
Tasting Profile: Sweet apple, raisin, honey
Grower: Micro farms in Alajuela
Variety: Caturra & Catuai
Region: Alajuela, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1300-1445 M
Soil Type: Volcanic Loam
Process: Eco-pulped and dried in the sun.

Mission Statement

As you savor each inviting sip of our Costa Rican Eclipse Specialty Coffee, not only are you supporting sustainable farming practices but also making a palpable difference. Each purchase channels a significant portion of the proceeds towards backing non-profit organizations that tirelessly combat addiction and homelessness, transforming every cup into a vessel of hope and an agent for profound societal transformation.

12 ounce bag of our Costa Rican Eclipse Whole Bean Specialty Coffee sourced from Alajuela, Costa Rica

Costa Rican Eclipse

$18.99 USD

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