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Bali Bliss

$18.99 USD

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the exotic depths of our Organic Bali Bliss Coffee. This specialty single origin treasure from Bali, Indonesia, exudes richness and complexity, thanks to the dedicated labor of smallholder farmers from the picturesque Kintamani region. Every sip is a sensory experience, a combination of tantalizing dark chocolate, succulent molasses, and sweet brown sugar notes that highlight the coffee's smooth yet robust profile. Each bean—be it Bourbon, Typica, or Catimor—flourishes at altitudes between 1200 and 1600 meters, cradled in the fertile volcanic loam soil, and bathed under the vibrant Indonesian sun. Our Bali Bliss Coffee is the fruit of a wet-hulled process and meticulous handpicking, ensuring that every bean is a representation of perfection. With Bali Bliss, you not only indulge in the nuances of a high-quality coffee but also participate in our mission to promote ethically sourced coffee and sustainable farming practices.

Product Story

The narrative of Bali Bliss is a tale of discovery and a celebration of the extraordinary. The idea sparked during our search for exceptional coffees that aligned with our mission—coffee that makes a difference. We were captivated by the vibrant, dynamic coffee scene of Indonesia, a country with a rich coffee-growing heritage. While we have yet to make the physical journey, the virtual exploration and deep research brought us to the beautiful highlands of Kintamani. This region, renowned for its nutrient-dense soil and ideal climatic conditions, gave birth to the beans we now call Bali Bliss.

The name is a tribute to the sensory pleasure that this coffee brings, its ability to transport you to the tranquillity and beauty of Bali with each sip—an instant vacation in your daily cup. Moreover, Bali Bliss echoes our commitment to societal change. Every bean is a symbol of our unwavering dedication to providing mentorship, fighting homelessness and addiction, and supporting ethically sourced coffee. We see the transformative power in every cup of Bali Bliss, a simple yet profound means of supporting our shared global community.


Product Details

Certification/Grading: Organic
Roast: Med-dark
Tasting Profile: Dark chocolate, molasses, brown sugar
Grower: Smallholder farmers from Kintamani
Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor
Region: Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia
Altitude: 1200-1600 M
Soil Type: Volcanic Loam
Process: Hand-picked, wet-hulled, and dried on raised beds.

Mission Statement

As you savor each inviting sip of our Bali Bliss, not only are you supporting sustainable farming practices but also making a palpable difference. Each purchase channels a significant portion of the proceeds towards backing non-profit organizations that tirelessly combat addiction and homelessness, transforming every cup into a vessel of hope and an agent for profound societal transformation.

12 ounce bag of our organic Bali Bliss Whole Bean Coffee from Indonesia

Bali Bliss

$18.99 USD

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